Prevention Matters: Why Ontario needs a CDP Strategy

Publication Date: 
May, 2018

The Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, a 20-member alliance of non-profit health organizations, is committed to collaborative action on chronic disease prevention. With the release of its report, Prevention Matters: Why Ontario needs a CDP Strategythe Alliance outlines the evidence around increasing rates and costs of chronic diseases in Ontario and offers recommendations for solving this growing problem.

For example, research shows that measures that increase physical activity, health eating, mental health promotion and reduce alcohol and tobacco use can make a difference in tackling many chronic diseases – from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, lung, kidney to osteoporosis. 

Ontario has seen the positive results that have occurred from having a provincial tobacco control strategy. Some $4.9B was saved in health care costs primarily through reducing smoking over the last ten years. OCDPA calls on all parties to support a similar effort and investment in chronic disease prevention so that Ontarians can achieve optimal health and Ontario can become the healthiest province in Canada.