Family Supports Institute Ontario (FSIO) Conference | The Communities We Grow … The People Who Make It Happen

Publication Date: 
September, 2008

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Theme: Promoting Health and Preventing Chronic Disease in Children and Families: What parents, practitioners and decision makers can do for their community.

The goal of the discussion was to raise awareness, mobilize activities and generate opportunities to address health promotion and chronic disease prevention issues related to children’s health, and by extension, family health, within Ontario.

Through presentations, discussions and questions, the objectives of the discussion were:

  1. To raise awareness among conference participants of the issues and evidence surrounding health promotion and chronic disease prevention, particularly in relation to chronic disease risk factors/conditions for children and families;
  2. To identify and showcase activities, resources and opportunities that exist to address or integrate chronic disease prevention integrated into programs and practices; and
  3. To provide ideas for next steps (i.e. advocacy, action, etc.) that can be taken by individuals, groups and communities to move forward a health agenda that supports chronic disease prevention in Ontario.

Hoi Ki Ding (OCDPA)
Lynn Roblin (Dietitians of Canada)
Donna Howard (Ontario Collaborative Group on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity)
Chris Markham (Ontario Physical & Health Education Association)
Louise Choquette (Health Nexus)