Healthiest Province

More than half of Ontarians are affected by one or more chronic conditions. That is why the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (OCDPA) urged all political parties during the 2014 and 2011 provincial elections to commit to making Ontario the healthiest province through a sustained, comprehensive and multi-faceted strategy that will include strategic investments, effective policies, environmental supports, and public education to effect broad societal changes in health behaviours.

In order to make Ontario the healthiest province, a collaborative approach - which includes multiple sectors and stakeholders at the local, regional and provincial levels - must be taken to remove the barriers and increase access to healthy choices. The targets put forward by the OCDPA will not only position Ontario to become the healthiest province but would result in Ontario becoming one of the jurisdictions with the highest life expectancy worldwide.

A healthy province is one where its population is physically active; living in vibrant communities; has access to, and makes healthy food choices; has low to no tobacco use; is aware of and adheres to the low risk drinking guidelines; and has access to an integrated system of coordinated and effective promotion, prevention, early intervention, and treatment programs for mental health issues. It’s a province where everyone has equitable access to healthy options and enjoys the benefits of healthy living.

We ask you to add your voice to assist us in raising key issues.  This advocacy toolkit is adapted from our most recent campaign and provides you with the key messages and information needed to join the conversation and influence policy policy changes that will help make Ontario the healthiest province.

You can get involved in many ways, such as:

  • Book a meeting with your local MPP
  • Integrate or leverage our materials for your existing advocacy efforts
  • Engage the media - send a letter to the editor of your community newspaper or put out a news release
  • Get active on social media

Together we can join our voices to make Ontario the Healthiest Province.

Please click here for a pdf copy of the OCDPA Healthiest Province 2015 Advocacy Kit